Southbroom Sardine Run

Sardine Run

When the sardine run starts in June / July of every year, billions of tiny little fish attract sharks, dolphins, Cape Gannets, cormorants, seals, and even, on occasion, Orcas, albatross and penguins. They have followed the Sardines thousands of kilometres from the southern ocean

Schools of up to 500 dolphins make a spectacular sight and can often be seen at play during the sardine run.  The most common dolphins found all year are Common Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin.

Large sharks and other game fish feed on the sardines, which may cause them to leap out of the water or strand themselves on the beach as they knife through the shoals.

The Natal Sharks Board sardine hotline (082-284-9495) provides regular news updates but, be warned, the shoals move quickly, disappearing as rapidly as they appear.

Southbroom’s main beach headland is considered one of the finest vantage points from which to see the gannets raining out of the sky as they dive into the shoals.

The Sardine Run also coincides with the annual migration of Humpback Whales that move north for the season into warmer water to mate and calve. The spectacular breaches of these leviathan’s are a daily phenomenon and it just adds to an already dazzling wildlife extravaganza.

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