Beaver Creek Coffee Estate

Beaver Creek Coffee Estate

Beaver Creek understands that to love coffee is to live for coffee, which is why we have dedicated three decades to perfecting our specialty coffees. Grown on the world’s most Southern coffee estate in the seaside town of Port Edward, our coffee is on par with the worlds finest. From only 4 trees back in 1984 to more than 60,000 trees now, Beaver Creek is still a family-owned business with three generations personally involved in the growing, harvesting and roasting of our much-loved coffee. We strive to deliver unique differences in our signature roasts, which is why our picking and harvesting is always done by varietal. It is this personal touch that makes our coffee so distinctive.

The Coffee Estate

Visitors to the estate can sample coffee and purchase the range of freshly roasted Beaver Creek coffee and other coffees of the world. The estate also offers visitors a daily ‘crop to cup’ tour that outlines the distinctive flavours of the world’s coffee regions and the processes involved in creating the perfect cup. The Estate Cafe serves delicious meals and a range of freshly roasted coffee all day.

The Estate Café is open daily from 8am till 4pm everyday and is closed only on Christmas Day. The daily tour starts at 12 noon, booking is essential in holiday season so please contact us.
Discover and enjoy 100% locally grown, harvested & roasted Arabica coffee. A truly South African product and story.

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